Sonja Ariel von Staden

Sonja Ariel von Staden is a holistic artist and author. Her art includes images of sacred power, angels and guardian angels, as well as themes from nature, spiritual life and traditional mythology. For spiritual works, such as the energy pictures, she relies on the power of colors and esoteric motifs, some of which have been handed down for thousands of years. Unique are her expressive star gate paintings, which are dedicated to different areas of life. She has also developed a series of images to accompany meditation: The StarKisses® with their star codes. The author also offers decks of cards, DVDs, meditation CDs and spiritual books from her soulful pen.

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Sonja Ariel von Staden

• Holistic artist and writer
• Energy images
• Angel images
• Unicorn pictures
• Series of Stargate paintings and Starkisses®
• Spiritual books, DVDs and CDs
• Spiritual jewelry

Pictures full of energy, nature and spirituality
In addition to her spiritual pictures, Sonja Ariel von Staden creates intensive and luminous works of art on various natural themes. She is known for her body paintings, which show the human body with all its facets and energies. In addition, she was fascinated by the magical sky with its endless play of colors, as well as the power animal dolphin. Furthermore, through her works, she repeatedly dives into the world of mystical beings, which have a special magic of their own.

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Sonja Ariel von Staden Accessoire Engel Sticker 6er Set
Sonja Ariel von Staden Angel stickers set of 6
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Sonja Ariel von Staden Accessoire Sternentor Sticker 4er Set
Sonja Ariel von Staden Stargate Stickers Set of 4
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Sonja Ariel von Staden Karten Sticker Engel der Segnung

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