Chakra Bracelet "Crown Chakra" (Ø 8mm)

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This delicate treasure consists of seven multicolored agates, which are elegantly brought into focus by gold-colored jewelry metal. The design of the bracelet is particularly unusual, as its magnesite gemstones appear marbled. Magnesite was considered a sacred stone by the Native Americans because they believed that the stone created a direct connection between heaven and the soul. It was therefore often used in the production of typical Indian jewelery and can be used in energy work to open the crown chakra.

The magnesite is used in various imaginative design forms. However, it has always been popular as a piece of jewelery and has been found in various versions in Europe since ancient times - as a pendant, necklace or bracelet. Over the centuries, the stone has been combined with feathers, silver jewelery or even a fine leather bracelet. The stone was revered by Indians, Egyptians and Greeks, who used it as a gemstone, grave goods or cultural objects.

The stone became known through centuries-old traditions that told of the warning and protective properties of the stone. When a warning is given, the magnesite is said to change color and thus warn the wearer of serious illnesses and imminent strokes of fate in the future. As a protective stone, it is said to have kept negative energies away from the subtle energy body of the human being. This protective function corresponds to the traditional properties of the agate, which was added to the turquoise gemstone in the bracelet.

Parallels between the Indian stories and the teaching of the chakras can still be seen today. Turquoise - as a link between the supernatural sphere and the soul - is used in chakra teaching to open and strengthen the third eye. Due to its creative design, it also serves as a wonderful jewelry talisman.

  • Magnesite gemstone beads
  • Combined with different colored agates
  • Decorative eyelets made of gold-colored jewelry metal
  • Third Eye Energy
  • Intuition and empathy are sharpened
Product details:
  • Weight: about 10g
  • Gem/Mineral: Turquoise
  • other color(s): different colors
  • Color white
  • Dimensions: length approx. 18 cm, width approx. 0.8 cm
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