Do you love a fragrant living atmosphere and like to wrap yourself in the most beautiful scents of nature? In our online shop you will find dreamlike room fragrances and high-quality essential oils to bring your favorite fragrances to your home or office. Whether citrusy, floral, fruity or spicy - in our range you will not only find the premium natural fragrances of pure essential oils, but also inspiring room fragrances and fragrance mixtures. The exquisite compositions offer you balanced fragrances full of harmony. The nose flatterers are used as companions for meditation and relaxation, can be used in aroma care and natural cosmetics and are suitable for many fragrant DIY projects such as homemade room sprays or soaps.

Buy essential oils & fragrance blends online

Our exquisite online range for aroma care includes premium natural fragrances and high-quality fragrance mixtures lovingly developed with experience, which are made from pure essential oils for harmonious compositions. The fragrance mixtures are just as popular as the pure aromas, especially for room scenting using fragrance lamps or fragrance stones, for natural cosmetics or for the production of DIY room sprays with natural fragrance oils. Practical fragrance roll-ons for on the go and at home can also be easily filled with natural essential oils - they are traditionally used for rest, relaxation and balance, for example when traveling or studying.

  • aroma care
  • Buy fragrance blends online
  • Online shop for pure essential oils
  • Room scenting with natural scents
  • Essential oils for fragrance lamps & fragrance stones
  • DIY room sprays
  • Make your own natural cosmetics
  • Fragrance roll-ons for on the go

    Online shop for aromatherapy: 7 reasons for essential oils

    Traditionally, aromatherapy is part of herbal medicine and is used based on tradition to achieve well-being and inner balance in a gentle way. The targeted use of scents for well-being has its roots far back in the past: the advanced cultures of antiquity and antiquity, such as the ancient Egyptians and the Romans, used the traditional effects of natural scents in their everyday lives and for rituals. These were used as natural scented additives for room cleaning or for prayers. The essential oils contain compounds and essences of plants, which kiss the senses awake with their smell, but can also awaken pleasant memories and soothing feelings - this makes them the perfect companions for rest, refreshment and relaxation in everyday life. Selected, mild natural oils are suitable as fragrances for children, which accompany them as aroma care in challenges and envelop them protectively. Some pure aromatic oils from our online shop are even suitable for use in dishes and are part of recipes for desserts, pastries or other wonderfully fragrant dishes.

    1. Wellbeing & Balance
    2. Rituals with natural scents
    3. Natural cleaning agents
    4. Awaken senses & soothing feelings
    5. Rest, refreshment & relaxation
    6. Mild fragrances for children
    7. Flavoring oils for dishes & recipes

    Relaxation and meditation with room fragrances

    Finding a moment of calm in which the senses are stimulated - this is what room fragrances offer for relaxation. They are ideal for creating a pleasant atmosphere for meditation, yoga, Pilates, massage or spa treatments. The individual fragrances or the high-quality fragrance compositions are said to have different effects in popular belief, so that in our online shop you can buy chakra scented candles, aura sprays and incense sticks, which bring harmony to different areas of life and aspects of the soul. The task of these room fragrances is to awaken joie de vivre and strengthen self-love through their inspiring and balancing effect, in order to improve well-being in the long term.

    • Room fragrance for Yoga & Pilates
    • Meditation with scents
    • Fragrance for wellness & massages
    • Chakra scented candles
    • aura sprays
    • incense sticks

    Spiritual Room Fragrance: Traditional incense

    Scents and smells, with their extraordinary power, have played an important role in human culture for many centuries. The ancient Egyptians already ended the day with an evening incense, and the druids and shamans of the Nordic peoples also used the energetic power of scents. Spiritual room fragrance is ideal for the energetic cleaning of rooms. According to popular belief, the smoke from incense should drive negative energies out of the room and thus create space for new, positive forces. Incense and other fragrance essences from our online shop can be used for a special ambience and are particularly easy to use.

    • Energetic cleansing
    • Dissolve negative forces
    • Attract positive energies


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