Unique candles with a long burning time and tealights from our online shop create a relaxed atmosphere and give rooms a contemplative glow. The high-quality candles with and without fragrance have a high decorative value and impress with their interesting colours, shapes and motifs. In our candle range we offer coveted spiritual symbols such as angels, which represent powerful protection, happiness and love. The energetic candles can be used for inner contemplation during meditation and prayer as well as for rituals and room clearing.

Candles for a relaxing ambience

Relaxation, calm and balance can be awakened by the warm glow of the candles from our online shop. Attractive candle holders, guardian angel candles or affirmation candles can be found in our range and offer the right decoration for every furnishing style. They are suitable for all living spaces as well as for the office, wellness areas or a yoga studio. In addition to wonderful colors and motifs, you will also find candles in jars and scented candles in our candle shop, whose appealing, high-quality scents fill every room with wonderful energy and invite you to dream. In addition, we offer tealight holders made of high-quality natural materials such as selenite or in spiritual ornamental designs such as lotus petals.

  • Tea Light Holders & Candle Holders
  • Guardian Angel Candles
  • Affirmation Candles
  • Candles in the jar
  • scented candles
  • Candles and accessories in spiritual designs

For meditation & rituals: buy candles online

In our online shop we offer a wide range of high-quality and unusual candles: from pointed candles to ball candles or table candles to pillar candles and floating candles, which are ideal for wellness, meditation and the performance of rituals. In different colors and shapes, the various shaped candles are often dedicated to special topics, such as the guardian angel candles or the chakra candles for the energy system. They can accompany meditation, create a pleasant atmosphere and serve as a focal point on which the eye finds a resting point - the perfect accessory for a relaxed evening and exclusive accessory for a meditation room.

  • lace candles
  • ball candles
  • table candles
  • pillar candles
  • floating candles
  • molded candles
  • Guardian Angel Candles
  • chakra candles


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