Geschenkideen Sternzeichen Steinbock

Birthday between December 21st – January 19th

The horns of Capricorn suggest it: This zodiac sign has a lot of assertiveness and wants to break the wall with its head. It is characterized by a strong will, which in some cases can reach the point of stubbornness. Although the Capricorn-born belong to the more reserved zodiac signs, many of them also have a good portion of ambition and work towards their goal with a lot of perseverance. Social status and financial security are important to them.

  • Element of the Capricorn zodiac sign: Earth
  • Gemstones for the zodiac sign Capricorn: amethyst and rock crystal
  • Colors for Capricorn Zodiac Sign: Violet and Indigo
  • Chakra of the zodiac sign Capricorn: Brow chakra

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