Energiearbeit für die Aura
  • What is disturbing your aura?
    • 7 things that weaken your aura
    • How Do Energy Connections Damage Your Aura?
  • 4 reasons to strengthen your aura
    • Why you should cleanse your aura
    • Aura Clearing: How to let go of negative energies
    • 6 tips for a strong aura

The basis of your energy work for the aura is the idea of ​​vibrational energies. These are emitted throughout the universe and beyond from humans and animals to plants and inanimate objects. If the energies vibrate harmoniously in unison, they can flow freely and positive forces can arise in these moments. However, if the energy vibrations are out of balance, this can manifest itself in many different ways in the form of negative forces that can lead to blockages and disruptions. Your aura is both an energetic protective shield from these destructive energies and a connection to good forces. If it is in balance and strong, it can protect you from negative energies and open the way to positive energies.


What is disturbing your aura?

Disturbances of your aura can be caused by various factors. Physical, mental and emotional illnesses or blockages are common causes of a changed energy in your light robe. In many cases, signs of illness can already be recognized in the aura before the symptoms actually become conscious. Another reason for disturbances in the aura can be your stress level - especially if the stress lasts for a long period of time. The energy teachings also indicate disruptive energies through geopathogenic zones. You can find these, for example, on water veins, the global grid and on rock faults underground. Negative energies can also emanate from technical radiation caused by electricity, so-called electrosmog. This occurs as an artificial electromagnetic field around electrical installations, e-cables or electrical devices.

  • Physical and mental illnesses
  • Mental blockages
  • stress
  • Geopathogenic Zones
  • water veins
  • global grid
  • rock faults
  • Electrosmog


7 things that weaken your aura

In addition to the obviously negative influences on the aura, inner attitudes or everyday habits can also weaken your light body. Drugs and alcohol play an important role as disturbing factors of the aura. Since a vital physical body is considered an important pillar for an intact aura, a lack of exercise and exercise is detrimental to your lightbody. An unbalanced diet has a similar negative impact. An underestimated danger for the aura protection are also destructive feelings and thoughts. These include a lack of self-acceptance, a lack of self-esteem, bondage or negative thought spirals.

  1. drugs and alcohol
  2. lack of movement
  3. Unbalanced diet
  4. Lack of self-acceptance
  5. Lack of self-esteem
  6. bondage
  7. Negative thought spirals


How Do Energy Connections Damage Your Aura?

According to the idea of ​​energy teachings, you are able to connect your light body with that of another human being. This happens, for example, with couples in love and can be recognized by sighted people as a bright connection. When a breakup occurs, these connections are severed, leaving lovesickness as a painful emotion. Furthermore, it is possible for thoughts or feelings to be transferred from another person to you via energy connections. As the recipient, you then have to contend with the burdens, worries and problems of the sender. This form of energy transmission occurs increasingly in caring and social professions and burdens the aura. Sick people and people with low energy levels can unconsciously "siphon off" the aura of a stronger person. If you are very sensitive and empathetic, your aura suffers particularly from such attacks.

  • Light bodies of people connect
  • Breakups break that bond and lead to separation pain
  • Thoughts and feelings can be transferred
  • You struggle with the burdens of the sender
  • Energy transmission often in caring and social professions


4 reasons to strengthen your aura

Your aura can be strengthened and charged through the gentle work with the energies, so that it forms a reliable protective shield. A strong light body can protect you from energetic attacks and unwanted energetic "blood-letting" by others. Manipulations can be prevented in this way. For the implementation of various esoteric practices, such as pendulum or tarot, the establishment and maintenance of a safe and reliable aura protection is advisable. The focus should be on the healthy balance between protection and opening, which enables the free flow of energies. On the other hand, too tight and massive aura protection, for example after emotional injuries, can throw you off balance and isolate you.

  1. Protection against energetic attacks
  2. Protection against energetic bloodletting
  3. prevent manipulation
  4. A healthy balance between protection and opening


Why you should cleanse your aura

A person's lightbody is in constant exchange with the energies of other people, places or events. If negative forces are to be found here, they can add up in the aura and lead to emotional or even physical discomfort. These persistent attacks on the light body can manifest themselves, for example, in insomnia, depression or anxiety. Physical and mental symptoms should always be examined by a doctor, since the aura cleansing serves as an accompanying aid in holistic healing.


Aura Clearing: How to let go of negative energies

Like washing your hands, cleaning the aura can become an everyday and self-evident process. The derivation of negative energies from your light body can be achieved by consciously letting go. You can do this particularly easily with a warm shower or a brine bath, in which the accumulated impurities of the day are not only washed away from the body but also from the soul. A day at the sea can also contribute to the so-called aura clearing and thus to its protection, because the salty wind takes the unwanted energies with it. Creative activities are also suitable for releasing your energetic blockages. Other ways to cleanse the light body to achieve reliable aura protection are the healing removal of negative energies from the aura and visualization or meditation.

  • Dissipate negative energies
  • Take a warm shower or a brine bath
  • Spend a day by the sea
  • Use the healing wipe
  • Visualization for aura purification
  • Aura purification meditation


6 tips for a strong aura

A good principle for protecting one's aura is to remember that energies generally flow where attention is directed. Your loving mindfulness strengthens the aura. Reliable grounding and loyalty to oneself are also the basis for protecting the aura. Staying in nature, for example, but also special grounding exercises are suitable for stabilizing your light body. In esotericism, various objects with protective symbols, strong colors or materials for gentle energy work are offered. Furthermore, some rituals are suitable to strengthen your aura. This includes, among other things, smoking. Saying positive mantras and affirmations also has a strengthening effect on the aura.

  1. Practice mindfulness
  2. Watch your grounding
  3. Be true to yourself
  4. Choose protective and empowering objects
  5. Perform empowering rituals
  6. Say positive mantras
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