Nature offers a variety of extraordinary gemstones and minerals, which are often surrounded by legends and can be found in many legends around the world. Some gemstones have been popular pieces of jewelry for thousands of years, adorning the heads of kings and pharaohs. Many stones are said to have a healing effect, these are often referred to as healing stones. Others have only been discovered in the recent past and expand the range of beautiful gemstones.

Amazonite Amazonite
amethyst amethyst
Angel Aura Stones
aquamarine aquamarine
aventurine aventurine
rock crystal rock crystal
Amber Amber
Chalcedony Chalcedony
celestite celestite
dalmatian stone dalmatian stone
diamond diamond
dumortierite dumortierite
fluorite fluorite
gold gold
garnet garnet
hematite hematite
heliotrope heliotrope
jade jade
jasper jasper
carnelian carnelian
labradorite labradorite
lapis lazuli lapis lazuli
larimar larimar
lava lava
malachite malachite
moonstone moonstone
Moqui Marbles Mooqui Marbles
obsidian obsidian
onyx onyx
opal opal
peridot peridot
pearl pearl
prasiolite prasiolite
purpurite purpurite
pyrite pyrite
quartz quartz
Rhodochrosite Rhodochrosite
rose quartz rose quartz
ruby ruby
sandstone sandstone
sapphire sapphire
shungite shungite
selenite selenite
Silver Silver
sodalite sodalite
sunstone sunstone
sugilite sugilite
tektite tektite
tiger eye tiger eye
topaz topaz
Turquoise Turquoise
tourmaline tourmaline
AchatAmazonitAmethystAngel auraAquamarinAventurinBergkristallBernsteinChalcedonCoelestinDalmatinersteinDiamantDumortieritEdelsteineFluoritGoldGranatHämatitHeliotropJadeJaspisKarneolLabradoritLapislazuliLarimarLavaMalachitMondsteinMoqui marblesObsidianOnyxOpalPeridotPerlePrasiolithPurpuritPyritQuarzRhodochrositRosenquarzRubinSandsteinSaphirSchungitSelenitSilberSmaragdSodalithSonnensteinSugilithTektitTigeraugeTopasTürkisTurmalin

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