Was ist ein Yoni Ei?

A yoni egg is a gemstone cut as an egg (e.g. rock crystal, serpentine, rose quartz, amethyst or obsidian) in different sizes. Yoni Eggs are used to train and stimulate the female pelvic floor, abdomen and love muscles. You can also use them as sex toys.



Yoni means “origin” in Sanskrit (योनि) and is the tantric term for the female genitalia (meaning the vulva, vagina and uterus). The male counterpart to the yoni is the lingam. For men, however, there is nothing quite like yoni eggs.


Please clean the Yoni Egg under running, lukewarm water before use. Best when using soap.

Energetic cleansing: After use, the yoni egg should occasionally be placed in a glass bowl with salt water. The egg should be surrounded by salt. This cleanses the yoni egg of all absorbed energies and returns it to its original state.


To use the Yoni Egg correctly, you should follow these steps:

  • (Beginner) Attach the retrieval strap to the yoni egg
  • Lie on your back
  • Spread your legs
  • Carefully insert the wide side of the yoni egg

In order to safely remove the yoni egg, you should have a retrieval strap attached through the hole in the stone. If you are experienced in using it, you can squeeze it out via the pelvic floor muscles.

When should I not use a yoni egg?

Yoni Egg exercises are not recommended for women who are pregnant, wearing an IUD, have an infection or a pre-existing medical condition.

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