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  • What are orgonite products?
  • Applications of orgonite
  • How Was Orgonite Evolved?
  • The discovery of orgone and its creative power
  • From vegetotherapy to orgone therapy
  • The birth of the orgonite

The word orgone describes the ubiquitous cosmic life energy. In many cultures, the belief in life energy has been widespread for many centuries. The Hindus refer to the high-energy Prana in yoga and meditation, while the Buddhists and Taoists refer to the energy of life as Chi or Reiki. The modern orgonite products are used to strengthen the positive life energies and to protect against negative influences.

What are orgonite products?

The orgonite products are made from precious metal chips and gemstone crystals, which are embedded in synthetic resin and given a particularly powerful shape, such as the pyramid. The job of the organic resin material is to attract the negative energies from the environment and channel them into the orgonite product. Here they are broken and cleaned by the many precious metal chips. The gemstones can distribute the resulting purified and positive energy to their environment and strengthen it. The pyramid shape of the orgonite is also important, because this geometric shape is coveted by the Aztecs of Mesoamerica to the ancient Egyptian pharaohs in various cultures - with a broad foundation for the power from the earth and a point pointing to the sky. In religions like Hinduism, the pyramid is equated with energy.

Applications of orgonite

The mode of action of the orgonite products is based on the idea that negative and positive energies from the environment can affect a living being. In the field of medicine, orgonite products are used in various situations. In general, depending on the size of the room, one or more orgonite products are placed - preferably in the places where negative energy is suspected. For a good night's sleep, the items can be placed under the bed or on the bedside table. Regular cleaning should be carried out under running, lukewarm water.

  • Orgonite against electro-smog
    The orgonite products are particularly well-known as a means of protection against electro-smog and similar radiation, such as can emanate from televisions, screens, WiFi, mobile phones, television towers or various kitchen appliances. For example, food in the refrigerator can be protected from the radiation from the technology it contains, which cannot escape due to the design of the device.
  • Reduce geopathogenic radiation with orgonite
    The orgonite products can reduce geopathogenic radiation. These can be based, among other things, on water veins, but also on rock fractures or faults that lie deep in the earth and are therefore unknown.
  • Help with meditation through orgonite
    Orgonite products can purify the atmosphere and create optimal conditions for meditation. In addition, due to the gemstones they contain and their design, they are suitable for visualization and can have a supportive effect on inner contemplation.
  • Better plant growth with orgonite
    Based on experience, the orgonite products are also used near plants, as they can have a positive effect on the strength and growth of the plant, as well as the fruit yield. The stronger the plant, the better its natural protection against predators or diseases.
  • Clean water energetically with orgonite
    In medicine, water is considered to be a particularly strong carrier of information. Orgonite products can be used to cleanse drinking water, ponds or other bodies of water from negative energies.
  • Orgonite as a strengthening companion
    Products made of orgonite cleanse negative and destructive energies and charge the body and the environment with positive, creative power - so they are suitable as strengthening companions in all situations in life.


How Was Orgonite Evolved?

In the western scientific world, the idea of ​​a comprehensive life energy was not very present until the discovery of orgone by the Austrian psychiatrist and researcher Dr. Wilhelm Reich in the first half of the 20th century.

The discovery of orgone and its creative power

Through his research, Dr. Wilhelm Reich has developed an interdisciplinary work based on a holistic view of people. At the core of Reich's findings in psychoanalysis is the assumption that humans develop various defense mechanisms to suppress emotions, which the psychiatrist describes as armor. These blockages form in the psyche and can then become somatic. In his works, Reich increasingly deals with the means by which this armor can be dissolved. He developed vegetotherapy in which he assumed that the various processes of life can be understood through physical tension and relaxation and go beyond psychic armor. The vegetotherapy he developed is a concept of “vegetative flow”, similar to the energy flow in religions that are thousands of years old. In his experimental laboratory work, he simultaneously examined transition phenomena from lifeless to living substance, this intermediate stage was given the name Bion. The observations led to Reich's assumption that he had found the basis for the emergence of a creative "living" biological energy, which he called orgone energy.


From vegetotherapy to orgone therapy

In various experiments, Wilhelm Reich developed apparatus to support his theories of orgone energy, including the orgone accumulator. With its help, the psychiatrist discovered another energy, which he called DOR. This "deadly orgone energy" is recorded in his works for negative energetic effects that can affect the environment and all living things. The researcher discovered this form of energy, among other things, in polluted areas, in electro-smog, but also in natural phenomena such as cosmic radiation. Reich found out that the negative energies can be drained particularly well with water. Based on his new insights into orgone, as well as classic psychoanalysis and the vegetotherapy he developed, he designed the comprehensive and holistic orgone therapy. In addition to the orgone accumulator and the cloudbuster (cloud breaker), he used other tools he had made for his patients.


The birth of the orgonite

Based on the orgone devices and the teachings of Wilhelm Reich, further utensils were developed by interested inventors. The design of these new media is based on Reich's insights into positive, creative life energy and negative, destructive power. In addition, the ideas of the psychologist were further developed. The Austrian Karl Welz, who dealt intensively with the teachings of Wilhelm Reich and other disciplines, gave his name to the orgonite products. He developed the first orgone generator. The American author and esotericist Don Croft combined the knowledge of Karl Welz and his own modern hypotheses with the research results of Wilhelm Reich. The famous orgonite pyramids are based on his idea, which can be effective through the use of precious stones, precious metals and certain shapes. His inventions also include the Holy Handgrenades (HHG) and the ChemBuster (CB).

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