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  • Flower of life creation pattern: meaning and effect
    • What does the flower of life look like?
    • What is the meaning of the flower of life?
    • Flower of Life: What is the reported effect?
    • Application: use the flower of life correctly
    • Summary: Flower of Life

Flower of life creation pattern: meaning and effect

The ornament “ The Flower of Life ” adorned the doorsteps of Assyrian kings, the silver hoard of the Swiss Kaiseraugst and the balls on which the paws of the guardian lions rest at the entrance to the Forbidden City in Beijing. The legendary flower of life can be found in many places and cultures around the world from the Middle East to Europe to China. The flower of life is a geometric pattern of sacred geometry, the roots of which go back many thousands of years and are based on primeval knowledge. It developed in different parts of the world, so its original origin cannot be determined with certainty.

What does the flower of life look like?

The start of the creation of the flower of life with its unique cosmic order is activated by a spark of consciousness, around which the first circle is placed as an energetically animated space. In the course of its development process, 19 more circles are superimposed in this energy area, creating an increasingly complex picture, so that the Flower of Life at the end of its creation is also known as the Genesis Pattern or Christ Grid. Their form is the basis for the Seed, Egg, and Fruit of Life, as well as the Vesica Piscis, the Merkaba, and the Tree of Life.

Here you can download a simple flower of life motif for free printing

What is the meaning of the flower of life?

The ornament can be found on temples and churches as well as on antique art objects, among other things, and thus shows its extraordinary significance. In sacred geometry, theflower of life is said to have strengthening and protective energies. The flower of life is known in many cultures as the archetype of creation and is considered a symbol for the structure of the entire universe - making it a symbol of unity and representing eternity. In the flower of life lies the beginning and the infinity that can create something out of the energies of nothingness.

Flower of Life: What is the reported effect?

Due to its uniform structure and balanced order, the flower of life is considered a sign of harmony. With its powers it is said to bring the flow of energies into balance and is used to activate the energetic balance in life. Traditionally, the flower of life is also used as a protective sign, because it is said to be able to ward off negative forces and attract positive energies. According to popular belief, this flow of energy not only harmonizes the powers of body, mind and soul, but also improves the energies of a room.

Application: use the flower of life correctly

The flower of life can be found as a sign on many products. It is suitable for various applications and areas of life and is available at different prices. The magical ornament from sacred geometry is known as a lucky charm, so it can be found in online shops as a talisman on key chains, among other things. According to tradition, with its positive energies it should protect its wearer as a necklace or other piece of jewelry and attract positive energies in life. The beautiful flower of life is often used in combination with incense sticks for room clearing and room energizing. The flower of life with its harmonious pattern is also suitable for decoration with spiritual power - for example as a Feng Shui light catcher in the window, which creates wonderful energetic images full of light in the room. As an accessory piece, such as an imprint in a rock crystal icosahedron, the beautiful ornament can be used for meditation. The flower of life is also used to support the body: With its energies, as a coaster, embossing or imprint on vessels, it is supposed to fill the food and drinks contained in them with positive energy and revitalize them.

Summary: Flower of Life

The Flower of Life is a well-known pattern of creation that has evolved in various cultures around the world. Especially its interesting structure and the great harmony make the flower of life an extraordinary pattern of sacred geometry. The ornament plays an important role in religion and popular belief because it is considered a protective sign against negative energies. Due to its traditional effect, it is widespread, among other things, as a talisman and lucky charm, which is supposed to ensure balance and a balanced flow of energies. Furthermore, the flower of life is considered a powerful helper in the manifestation, since it too can only shape the energies of nothingness into something with its creative power through a spark of consciousness. There are many ways to use the Flower of Life in everyday life.


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