Hematite Properties:

  • Colour: Shiny steel gray to black
  • Chakra: root chakra
  • Zodiac sign: Scorpio

Hematite meaning:

As a protective amulet and decorated cameo with representations of the gods, hematite was already in demand in ancient times. The beautiful red iron ore was used as a mirror in ancient times because of its metallic sheen. The mineral is also known as bloodstone because, although it is usually gray or black, it leaves a blood-red streak when rubbed on light-colored paper. In popular belief, the gemstone is used to enable access to the inner energy resources and thus to awaken life force. Traditionally, it represents the power of determination and stands for independent action and is coveted as a talisman for good luck.

Hematite: Traditional Use and Significance

Hematite was already known to the ancient Egyptians and was one of the first minerals mined by humans. It was supposed to help with the discharge and de-radiation - this area of ​​application has been preserved to this day in modern stone science. If you rub the mineral over a rough surface, a red line appears, the ancient Greeks assumed that it would be the blood of the earth. In folk medicine it is used to strengthen the will, give strength and bring joy in life. In our range, the hematite can be found, among other things, as a pendant or home accessory.

  • Discharge and Radiation
  • strengthen will
  • give strength

Hematite: color and transparency

Hematite is not only widespread on Earth, NASA has even been able to identify it on Mars, where it is interpreted as a sign of water resources. Hematite finds with large stones are mainly found in Brazil, but hematite is also found in Germany, Mexico, the USA and Russia. Its different shades of color range from black, gray and a silvery gray to brown, reddish brown and red. The mineral can be slightly iridescent or show banding. It is opaque, can have a metallic sheen or appear matte.

Hematite: cleaning, discharging and charging

The hematite must not be cleaned under running water as it contains iron. He gets new strength from rock crystal.

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