Geschenkideen Sternzeichen Löwe

Birthday between July 23rd – August 22nd

Those born under the zodiac sign Leo are characterized by their pride, which accompanies them through all situations in life. Due to their optimistic attitude to life and their ability to get enthusiastic, they are often very popular among their friends and acquaintances. Furthermore, they usually behave honorably and strive for success, which can also promote them up the career ladder. They are also very extroverted and bursting with self-confidence. This can sometimes come across as arrogant to others. Especially since the lions are very reluctant to accept criticism and sometimes put their focus on the material.

  • Element of the Leo zodiac sign: Fire
  • Gemstones for the zodiac sign Leo: citrine, yellow fluorite and yellow tourmaline
  • Colors for the Leo zodiac sign: Yellow
  • Leo chakra: solar plexus chakra

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