Angel Aura

Angel Aura Properties:

  • Color: Multicolour
  • Chakra: All chakras
  • Zodiac: All zodiac signs

Angel Aura Meaning:

The base of the colorful Angel Aura stones is made of high-quality real quartz, which is processed using the modern plasma sputtering process, giving it a wonderful play of colors and an incomparable shine. This exclusive refinement allows the clear quartz to take on a variety of appealing colors, which show wonderful effects when exposed to light - similar to the play of colors on a soap bubble. Due to the quartz, which is known as the master stone, and the variety of colors, the Angel Aura stones are assigned to all chakras and all zodiac signs, because they are said to be able to activate and balance the entire energy system due to their versatility.

Angel Aura Crystal: Traditional Use and Significance

The Angel Aura crystals combine the classic of traditional crystal healing, quartz, with the help of a modern process to create appealing stones with a special charm. The exclusive beauties can accompany you through everyday life both in combination and individually. Our range of Angel Aura Crystals is primarily used for chakra work and aura care. In popular belief, it is assumed that the colors of the stones can strengthen the energy centers. These have a connection to the aura, which according to traditional ideas can be strengthened against negative energies and attracts positive energy through the use of gemstones. The Angel Aura crystals from our range are the perfect talismans for all light and energy workers.

  • Chakra work and aura care
  • Protection from negative energies
  • Talisman for Lightworkers

Angel Aura Crystal: Color and Transparency

The Angel Aura crystals get their unique play of colors from the modern sputtering process, in which the natural, transparent and colorless quartz is dusted with metal dust, for example gold, silver or platinum. This gives the stone an elegant finish that shimmers in different colors in the light and offers different nuances depending on the material used.

Angel Aura Crystals: Cleanse, Discharge and Recharge

Ordering Angel Aura crystals online and using them immediately is no problem. However, after shipping and eventually after use, they should be regularly discharged with hematite overnight. The charging takes place via the rock crystal. Permanent direct sunlight and aggressive cleaning agents damage the beautiful stones.

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