Magnesite Prisma Pendant for Necklace, Green (3.8x1.4cm)

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  • Pendant in the shape of a prism
  • Pendant size: 38mm and chain length: 45-50-55cm
  • Color: turquoise - Chakra: throat chakra
  • Symbol jewelry pendant for self-confidence

Product details and description:

The symbol jewelry pendant made of turquoise was made of natural stone, which is why there may be color deviations. The jewelry pendant can be worn around the neck on a chain thanks to an artfully worked eyelet made of jewelry metal. In esotericism, the turquoise gemstone stands for protection against negative entergies.

With a size of 38 mm, the prism-shaped pendant made of turquoise is worn around the neck on a chain and quickly becomes an absolute eye-catcher. In addition, the turquoise gemstone has a special status in esotericism and is therefore used to protect against negative energies.

Turquoise first became known in Europe when it was introduced here by the Crusaders. The gemstone owes its name to the French term "pierre turquoise", which can be translated as "Turkish stone". In the past, the gemstone was also known as "kallite", which comes from the Greek word "kallainos" and means "blue-green shimmering".

Turquoise is a copper aluminum phosphate. The stone is formed secondarily during the weathering of copper and aluminum oak rocks and under the influence of phosphate-containing solutions. There are often inclusions of pyrite or limonite in turquoise. The precious stone, which belongs to the phosphate mineral class, is mainly mined in the USA, Afghanistan and China.


The turquoise pendant unfolds its full effect best with prolonged skin contact. The gemstone can also give more spiritual satisfaction during meditation. Due to the prismatic shape, the turquoise symbol jewelry pendant can be used for commuting. According to esoteric teaching, contact can be established between the conscious and the subconscious with the help of vibrations from the pendulum.

Turquoise has a high value in esotericism and is therefore often used as a protective stone. The gem can help the wearer to be more successful, as it strengthens self-confidence with positive energies. This improves communication skills and increases energy. The wearer is given the opportunity to withdraw spiritually and thus not give environmental influences a chance to gnaw at the spiritual spirit.

Product details:
  • Weight: about 5g
  • Gemstone/Mineral: Turquoise green
  • Dimensions: length approx. 3.8 cm, width approx. 1 cm, height approx. 1 cm
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