Tiger Eye Cone Pendant for Necklace, Brown (2.6x1.4cm)

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  • Necklace pendant in the shape of a cone
  • Supplied with chain and gift box
  • Pendant size: 26 mm and chain length: 45-50-55 cm
  • Color: brown
  • Symbol jewelry pendant for internal security

Product details and description:

The symbol jewelry pendant was made from a natural tiger's eye in detailed craftsmanship. An attached eyelet made of jewelry metal allows the pendant to be worn around the neck on a chain. The tiger eye pendant comes in a size of 26 mm with a stainless steel chain.

Made in the shape of a cone, the tiger eye pendant is also suitable for use with a pendulum. Worn on a chain around the neck, the tiger eye pendant becomes a fascinating companion in everyday life. According to the teachings of esotericism, the tiger eye pendant protects against negative energies of all kinds.

As the end product of the weathered hawk's eye, the gemstone got its name from the shimmer of light, also known as cat's eye, which can only be seen when cut. The tiger's eye is formed by pseudomorphism, in which embedded crocidolite is replaced by the mineral quartz. However, the crocidolite can also transform into another iron mineral through oxidation. This special creation method ensures that hawk's eye and tiger's eye can be found together in one stone. Tiger eye belongs to the mineral class of oxides. The gemstone is often found in South Africa, but there are also find areas in China, Australia, India, Canada and Burma.


The effect of the symbolic jewelry tiger eye pendant unfolds best when the piece of jewelry comes into contact with the skin. Prolonged skin contact is recommended at this point. However, due to the cone shape, the Tiger Eye pendant can also be used for commuting. Here the subconscious can communicate with the conscious with the help of oscillations via the pendulum, as it is said in esoteric teachings. In this way, life situations can be approached with positive energies.

In esotericism, the tiger eye stands for protection, courage and security. The symbolic jewelery pendant tiger eye supports the wearer in making important decisions through positive energies, which the gemstone transmits. In addition, according to the teachings of the tantric Hindus, the tiger eye opens and activates the solar plexus chakra.

Product details:
  • Weight: about 10g
  • Gem/Mineral: Tiger Eye
  • Dimensions: length approx. 2.6 cm, width approx. 1.4 cm, height approx. 1.4 cm
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