Energy Image: Stargate of the Unicorns

Sonja Ariel von StadenSKU: CVS0400301LSF2-APO26453412

product type: canvas
size: 40x30cm
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Message about the picture by Sonja Ariel von Staden:

Loved people! We were on this planet long before human consciousness awoke. We have prepared it for you so that your species can enjoy its beauty. We have accompanied you and advised you with clarity and wisdom. There have often been periods of communication between you and us, but there has been silence for a long time. Now, as part of the world shift, we appear once again to stand by your side. We want peace in this world. You are a strong people, but all too often you use your power for the dark side. We give you our knowledge, our wisdom and the clarity of pure consciousness so that you can use the creative power that has been given to you wisely.

The purity of your thoughts is the way into a new era. Awaken from the trance you have placed yourself in and recognize again the splendor and splendor of your existence. You are like children who are now growing up. You are ready to take responsibility for your actions. We are always with you to accompany you on a peaceful, harmonious path of harmony in the name of the great Mother Earth and the Creator of all being. May the wisdom within you make the world the paradise planned for you.

Motif number: SAVS_101305

        Lager B: Druckauftrag


        High quality canvas stretched over FSC certified pine. Printed with allergy and odorless HP latex ink. Delivery without wall mounting. Crafted by hand, with love. Made in Germany.

        Cup with or without thermal effect

        Elegant, white ceramic mug with brilliant high-gloss print. Suitable for dishwasher and microwave. Ideal for collecting. The thermal effect cup - also known as the "magic cup" - is normally white on the inside and black on the outside. Adding warm liquid reveals the image.


        Silky soft pillow with high quality 12 color print on satin cover. We only sell handmade cushions made in Germany! The pillow consists of a removable pillowcase and soft polyester filling. In order to enjoy the brilliant colors for a long time, please wash the cover at a maximum of 40 degrees.

        Fleece blanket

        Cozy and soft fleece blanket of the finest quality. The 240g/m² strong polyester textile fiber is hypoallergenic and odorless. The high-quality print lets the colors shine. Washable in the washing machine at 30°. Square lined, dye sublimation print


        Non-slip and UV-resistant carpet made of high-quality polyester. Very easy to care for, with a knot density of 1500g/m² thin textile fibre.

        Acrylic glass print

        The acrylic glass is cast in one piece, the brilliance and clarity creates a 3D effect which gives the picture a wonderful liveliness. The acrylic glass is 3mm laminated in 6 color printing on the back.


        We offer each motif on different products. Not every motif is suitable for all products. If you can't find the combination you want, write to us and we'll try to make it possible for you individually

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