Incense sticks HEM Seven Chakras 7x5 sticks, 23cm, burning time 45min

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Would you like to align your chakras and let your spiritual powers flow? Then you should try the HEM Seven Chakras incense sticks. Each pack contains 7x5 sticks, each measuring 23cm long and having a burn time of around 45 minutes.

This handcrafted incense blend contains the right scent for each chakra to support chakra work. The HEM company uses traditional raw materials for the production of incense sticks and is very experienced with their energetic effects.

The Indian chakra theory is about energy centers that are inherent in each of us. To harmonize these energy centers so that the connecting spiritual forces can flow - the seven chakra incense sticks can have a supportive effect. They can be helpful in meditations, prayers and purification ceremonies. The seven different scents assigned to the individual chakras are well coordinated and range from woody to flowery, so that a very individual work is possible.

Order the HEM Seven Chakras incense sticks online now and be enchanted by the harmonizing effect of the chakra scents. The incense sticks are perfect for use in your meditation room or for spiritual exercises. Buy the HEM Seven Chakras incense sticks online now and support your chakra work in a gentle way.

Product Details

Name: Seven Chakras
Content: 7 x 5 Incense Sticks
Sales unit: Box of 7 packs
Weight: 95 g
Capacity: 45 g
Size: Length approx. 23 cm per stick
Fragrance: Fragrance Blend, Resin, Myrrh, Copal
Effect/Application: Supports chakra work
Material: wood, charcoal, perfume
Burn duration: glows about 30 - 45 minutes per stick
Brand: HEM 7 Box
Vendor: HEM
Country of origin: India
SKU: a_101520
GTIN: 8901810384194
Lager A: Versandfertig

Only suitable for use as a room fragrance. Burn the incense in a well-ventilated, open area. Do not leave burning incense unattended or near combustible materials. Make sure the incense is placed on fireproof surfaces. Keep them out of the reach of children and pets.


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