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The modern times pyramid amenticrystal has a powerful red and comes from the modern times pyramid collection by Linda Giese. Inside the high-quality pyramid Amenticrystal is a hexahedron - a symbol from sacred geometry, which stands for the element earth, the deep roots and life energy and is connected to the root chakra. The pyramid is made of crystal glass and measures 8 cm by 8 cm.
  • Hexahedron - the six flats
  • Allocation root chakra
  • Color intense red
  • High quality crystal glass
  • Light Crystal of the New Age
The modern times pyramid Amenticrystal by Linda Giese is suitable for energy work. Working with the forces of the earth can help people gain stability and improve focus. The hexahedron accompanies in the smooth execution of tasks and their completion. The loving recognition of the shadows of life by the power of the earth forms the basis for holistic well-being. The hexahedron can help with the work of salvation, enable a connection to the forces and thus contribute to a stable status in life.

Modern times Pyramid Amenticrystal by Linda Giese: Stability, calm and concentration
Due to its stabilizing properties, this cube-shaped platonic solid can calm volatile minds and emotions. The hexahedron is suitable for absorbing uncontrolled energies. This is especially helpful when working or living in an environment marked by chaos.


Linda Giese is an expert in spiritual life coaching. She designs her items with her wide-ranging experience, a pronounced love of detail and a keen sense for attractive shapes and colours. Linda Giese combines modern elegance and traditional patterns to create stylish accessories for many areas of life. For her high-quality jewelry and accessory collections, she relies on timeless designs that are based on the knowledge of different cultures that has been passed down for thousands of years. The thematic focus is on the ideas of sacred geometry anchored in popular belief, as well as the teaching of chakras and the light field of the Merkaba.

Application of the modern pyramid Amenticrystal by Linda Giese

The modern-day pyramid Amenticrystal by Linda Giese can be used as a spiritual living room accessory and spread its positive energies by setting it up in every room. Furthermore, the pyramid is suitable as a companion for meditation and can be supplemented by other modern pyramids such as the Isis crystal.

Message from Linda Giese to you:

Congratulations on your modern light crystal pyramid, I wish you a lot of joy and love with your beautiful crystal.

The modern pyramid spreads its energy without your conscious doing.

I recommend just putting it in your rooms, in a place of your choice and enjoying it.

If you desire a deeper connection to your pyramid, then I recommend

you to look into the pyramid for a few minutes before going to bed and

to sink mentally into it, so to speak.

This then has a strong effect on your energy field and your subconscious.

Best regards


Product details:
  • Weight: about 400g
  • Material: crystal glass
  • Red color
  • Dimensions: length approx. 8 cm, width approx. 8 cm, height approx. 8 cm
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