Moonstone pendant (tumbled stone 1x1cm)

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Its mysterious and soothing aura has fascinated people since the beginning of history. To this day it is valued for its natural luster, which has given it its name. It has been a popular gemstone since the Golden Twenties, and its cool elegance and light color are reminiscent of glorious times. As a pendant, the moonstone pendant is reminiscent of pearls in a champagne glass in the rush of modernity and is a precious gem that adorns the slender neck. In esotericism it is used to increase intuitive power and to become more aware of one's feelings. It is therefore said to create a connection to the subconscious.

Many sagas and legends are entwined around the moonstone. In Native American legend, the magical moonstone is spun into the dream catcher's web to protect the dreamer from negative energies and nightmares. These are caught in the dream catcher net and destroyed by the refraction of the first rays of the sun in the moonstone. The moonstone is therefore said to have an undisturbed night's sleep and positive dreams. The sleeper remembers particularly beautiful and loving dreams in the morning.

In the wisdom of the ancient Romans it is said that the moonstone was created from drops of moonlight. According to legend, if two people carry these drops with them, they fall in love with each other on a full moon. In addition to its esoteric effect, the chain pendant imperturbability is therefore also a symbolic jewelry for lovers. Due to his connection to the tides of the sea, he can also connect the two lovers across the sea and strengthen their feelings towards each other. It was also worn as a lucky charm on sea voyages.

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