Necklace Celtic Symbol "Triskele"

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The wonderful necklace "Triskele" carries the energies of the extraordinary Celtic symbol of power. The three rotating spirals are connected because, according to tradition, the traditional sign unites the energies of the universe. As a lucky charm, it stands for three merging energies such as love, health and success, which accompany you on the way to wish fulfillment.

The triskele is an ancient symbol of power from Celtic culture. The traditional sign depicts three interconnected spirals which, according to tradition, merge three energies that belong together and are fed from the universe. The triskele stands for love, health and success, but also unites the forces of the past, present and future.

According to Celtic legends, the symbol, worn around the neck as a talisman, loads powerful energies into the life of its wearer and protects against spiritual misfortune. It puts the wearer in contact with the forces of the cosmos, which are infinite and never run dry. Worn as a lucky charm, the "Triskele" chain accompanies you through difficult times to the fulfillment of your own goals and wishes - it directs positive energies and awakens your own strength to make dreams come true and longings to become reality.

  • Chain with triskele symbol
  • Celtic energy spiral
  • connection with the cosmos
  • merging of energies
  • Lucky charms for love, health and success

Product details:

  • Weight: about 8g
  • silver
  • Dimensions: length approx. 3 cm, width approx. 3 cm, height approx. 0.2 cm
Lager A: Versandfertig

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