Aromafume Natural Mist Third Eye 6, Natural Air Freshener Forehead Chakra 100ml

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  • Fragrance composition for the forehead chakra
  • With lavender, cedar & rose
  • Natural air freshener for room scenting
  • In meditation, yoga and prayer
  • Intuition & Wish Fulfillment

Product details and description:

The natural fragrance freshener Ajna is dedicated to the brow chakra. Its fragrance composition offers wonderful aromas of lavender and star anise, rose and sandalwood. The fragrance is a symbol of communication with one's own soul. The air freshener Ajna is an opening companion for meditation and yoga as well as for wish-fulfillment rituals.

Imaginative thoughts, empowering visions and powerful intuition - the brow chakra or third eye, known as Ajna in Sanskrit, is the energy center on the forehead between the eyebrows. The natural air freshener Ajna offers a gentle fragrance composition to awaken and balance this chakra. It can strengthen access to intuition and enable a connection with higher energies. The ingredients of our air freshener are woody notes such as cedar and sandalwood as well as lavender and spicy juniper. Blue chamomile, rose and star anise can be found in this fragrance game as well as carrot seed, clary sage and musk.
The air freshener spray Ajna is ideal for energetically revitalizing and scenting rooms in which the soul can find expression. It is suitable as a companion for meditations and prayers, for yoga and other forms of inner contemplation. In addition, it can help with the fulfillment of wishes, because its scents can help to visualize and strive for goals and longings.

Protect your air freshener from the sun and temperatures above 50°C. Spray several times a day with a few pumps in the rooms where you want the fragrance.
Our natural air fresheners are designed for room scenting, do not use them on your skin - this may cause an allergic reaction. Make sure that children and pets cannot reach the product. If the product is accidentally ingested or sprayed in the eyes, seek immediate medical attention and bring the product bottle with you. Do not use any type of air freshener around a baby or pregnant woman, or if you know they will be in the room in the next half hour. You should also avoid scenting before going to bed.

Product details:
  • Weight: about 100g
  • Dimensions: length approx. 14 cm, width approx. 4 cm, height approx. 4 cm
  • Packing: 100ml
Lager A: Versandfertig

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