Pendant for necklace, amulet Sacred Shamanic Spiral, rose gold

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  • Amulet in rose gold - delivery without chain
  • With shamanic spiral on a red base
  • Designed and dedicated by Vadim Tschenze
  • For inner stability and strength
  • Each piece is unique!

Product details and description:

With his amulet Holy Shamanic Spiral in rose gold, Vadim Tschenze designed a special piece of spiritual jewelry. It's made from stainless steel and plated in rose gold, which was popular throughout history and is back in style now. The sacred shamanic spiral is found on a red square connected to a wheel on which other energy signs can be found. The handmade product is made of gold-plated stainless steel.

The rose gold amulet by Vadim Tschenze combines the traditional power of the shamanic spiral with the energies of the chakra color red. Together they stand for life force and are representatives of a deep, primal trust. The powerful color red is associated with the root chakra, which is traditionally a symbol of inner stability and rootedness in life.

Amulets Sacred Shamanic Spiral in rose gold with red
The shamanic spiral forms the center of the amulet Sacred Shamanic Spiral in rose gold. It has been found as an energetic sign in various cultures around the world for many centuries. Due to its special shape, the spiral should ensure that positive energies are activated and negative forces are blocked and drained. As a talisman, the amulet is supposed to contribute to a free flow of energies, which can lead to well-being and inner peace.


Since the items are handmade, there may be deviations from the product image - each piece is unique!


Vadim Tschenze found his passion in shamanism. He relies on traditional energy teachings such as Reiki to create high-quality esoteric products. Based on his wide range of experience and unique knowledge of the Russian doctrine of incarnation, he develops spiritual accessories that accompany you through everyday life. With the help of his many teaching materials, he gives everyone who is interested an insight into his esoteric knowledge and shares his world of relaxation, balance and wonderful scents.

Application of the Rose Gold Amulet Sacred Shamanic Spiral in Red

The high-quality rose gold amulet Sacred Shamanic Spiral in red with brass is part of the spiral amulet collection by Vadim Tschenze. It can be used together with the other two spiral amulets, in turquoise and magenta. Each piece in this collection is dedicated to a particular area of ​​life. According to traditional lore, they stimulate positive energies and block negative forces. The spiral amulets found their origin seven generations ago in Vadim Tschenze's family and are a sign of mysticism and spirituality.

Message from Vadim Tschenze to you:

Before wearing it for the first time, take the amulet in your hand and hold it to your heart chakra, which you will find on your chest at heart level, for one minute. Now the amulet is adapted to your energy and can be worn. If you are not wearing the amulet, put it on a photo of you so that the shamanic spiral can continue to develop its powers.

Product details:
  • Weight: about 43g
  • Material: stainless steel
  • other color(s): red
  • Color: rose gold
  • Dimensions: length approx. 3 cm, width approx. 3 cm, height approx. 0.1 cm
Lager A: Versandfertig

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