Angel Aura Wand brown pendant for necklace (3.5x1cm)

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  • Crystal Balance Pendant
  • Mounted in silver colored jewelry metal
  • Symbol jewelry of stability and balance
  • Exudes strength and security
  • Grounding and natural

Product details and description:

The pendant is adorned with a rod-shaped crystal in a warm shade of brown. Framed by silver-colored jewelery metal, this adorns the neck in the form of a chain pendant. Due to its color of grounding and closeness to nature, the crystal is associated with new strength and security. Like the roots of a tree, the pendant is a symbol of stability and balance. In color theory, it stimulates self-confidence and gives new balance in stormy times.

With its soothing earthy color, the "Balance" pendant is considered a companion to balance and down-to-earthness. It radiates comfort and security and gives the wearer a feeling of security and trust. In chakra theory, it is assigned to the earth chakra - the secondary chakra.

The energy work uses the chakra pendants to ensure a harmonious balance in people. In this activity, each chakra is assigned to a specific region of the body. They are considered subtle energy vortices that influence the human body, mind and soul. The goal of energy work is to have a positive effect on these energy centers. By dissolving blockages or activating different chakras, the energy is made to flow again and contributes to the general well-being of the body.

Product details:
  • Weight: about 8g
  • Gem/Mineral: Crystal
  • color: brown
  • Dimensions: length approx. 3.5 cm, width approx. 1 cm, height approx. 1 cm
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