Birthstones: Lucky charms for each zodiac sign

The birthstone is a natural stone that is closely related to a specific date of birth. The traditional birthstones are associated with a birth month and a zodiac sign. According to popular belief, the energies of the birthstone are said to activate the talents and strengths of its wearer and help to channel negative forces out of their lives. Birthstones are considered talismans and lucky charms, which can be used as unprocessed rough stones for room decoration, gentle hand flatterers for on the go or elegant pieces of jewelery on a chain.

Monthly stone or birthstone for invigorating energies

Birthstones have been used as lucky charms and decorative companions since the late Middle Ages. Monthly stones have also been in use for a long time and are worn as a talisman. These pieces of jewelry are changed every month because, according to tradition, they are said to bring certain energies and powers into the life of their wearer every month. This is about the harmonious energizing throughout the year, because each season makes different demands on people - with the change, a balanced spiritual and energetic development and balance should be possible.

Why does the list of birthstones vary?

The assignment of birthstones to zodiac signs or months in the course of the year can differ. This variance arises from the difficulty of interpreting old records, as the modern method of classifying gemstones according to their mineral type has only been reliably possible since the last century. Until then, different stones with the same color and with similar transparency and hardness were often grouped under one name, so that today it is difficult to understand which stone it was - for example garnet and ruby ​​were called red carbuncles.

The History of Birthstones

Emerald, garnet, amber or turquoise - the shiny, sparkling or iridescent color variety of birthstones ranges from red, green and yellow tones to various shades of blue. This beauty of natural stones has fascinated people of all cultures all over the world for centuries. The colorful gemstones were seen early on as symbols of power and have always stood for wealth. In addition, the precious finds were considered the epitome of eternity. In various societies they are even attributed healing powers - this applies, among other things, to the ancient Indian chakra teachings and the writings of the scholar Hildegard von Bingen from Rhineland-Palatinate.

Modern birthstones with roots in the late Middle Ages

Birthstones have been worn as a talisman or lucky charm since the 15th century. The origins of this custom can be found primarily in what is now Poland, at a time when the Renaissance and humanism made their way from Italy to northern Europe. The social movements of the late Middle Ages were accompanied by changes in economics and trade, and also with a change in people's image of themselves. The individual became more important - the population was educated, even in lower social classes, and the pursuit of individual happiness and personal aiming increased. Among other things, the guild of gem cutters developed, who turned natural gems into real pieces of jewelry through their craft.

The Cradle of Birthstones: Gems in the Bible

The origins for the use of birthstones go back to biblical times well before the late Middle Ages, because gemstones already play an important role in the Bible. In the second book of Moses, for example, it is described that the high priest Aaron protected himself with a breastplate studded with precious stones. In this breastplate were twelve precious stones in four rows (three specimens in a row), which were supplemented by the names of the twelve tribes of Israel. These twelve gems are also found as foundation stones in the wall of Jerusalem. They testify to the appreciation that was given to the rare natural beauties and are considered a symbol of creation. The gemstones correspond to the twelve months of the year and the twelve zodiac signs mentioned in classical astrology.

Gemstones in Astrology

The idea that the universe, man and all things are connected in a flow of energies unites astrology with gemology. In traditional stone studies, the color strength of the beautiful stones is particularly important. It should be able to affect the mind and the energy centers. According to tradition, the gemstones should use their power to bring the energy system into a harmonious flow, they should help to recognize and dissolve blockages and create space for positive forces.

Birthstones for each zodiac sign

Different birthstones are assigned to each zodiac sign, which support their wearer individually with their energies. According to tradition, these stones bring the zodiac sign into balance and help to find inner balance. In our list we show which birthstone is assigned to which zodiac sign and how it strengthens its energies. Our birthstone analysis, in which you enter your exact date of birth, will help you to calculate your exclusive birthstone, because the birthstones of the zodiac signs also vary within the time span in which a zodiac sign lies.

Birthstone for Aries

Those born under the sign of Aries are characterized by the passion with which they do things and they have a lot of power. They are considered open and honest, they wear their hearts on their sleeves and are not afraid to take risks. Full of vitality they realize their goals in life. They are associated with the element of fire and the color red.

Aries Birthstones:

Birthstone for Taurus

Taurus is considered a single-minded zodiac sign that has an eye on the material side of life and luxury, but is also very sensual and can indulge in the pleasures of life. Although a Taurus knows exactly what they want, they are also characterized by a high degree of patience and always offer a shoulder to lean on. The bull is associated with the element earth and the colors rose, blue and yellow.

Taurus Birthstones:

Birthstone for Gemini

The representatives of the zodiac sign Gemini are communicative and intelligent. You are agile in spirit and have an alert mind. The twins love to constantly explore new things and not commit themselves. With their charming nature and their active way of life, they attract the enthusiasm of the others. The zodiac sign Gemini is associated with the element air and the color golden yellow.

Gemini Birthstones:

Birthstone for Cancer

Cancer is considered the most sensitive sign of the zodiac and has a very lively emotional world, it can empathize well with others and has honest compassion. He always strives for harmony and is characterized by his loyal friendship. He also takes care of others with self-sacrifice. Cancer is associated with the element of water and the colors yellow, green and white.

Cancer Birthstones:

Birthstone for Leo

The fearless lions are bursting with self-confidence and strength, they have their own strength with which they pursue their goals and also support the needs of others. Magnanimous and responsible, Leo natives move through life. The lion is associated with the element of fire and the radiant color yellow and transparent white.

Leo Birthstones:

Birthstone for Virgo

Virgo is best known for their sense of order, which they spice up with a thirst for knowledge and the ability to analyze. This zodiac sign brings structure to things and is very dutiful. Virgo is associated with the element earth and the colors green and yellow.

Virgo Birthstones:

Birthstone for Libra

Harmony and balance are important aspects of life for the Libra zodiac sign. She is the epitome of balance and advocates for justice. The Libra has an artistic streak, is always stylish and diplomatic. The zodiac sign Libra is associated with the element of air and the colors green and grey-brown.

Libra Birthstone:

Birthstone for Scorpio

The mysterious Scorpio is profound and does not only deal superficially with the topics of life, his passion and his poisonous sting are legendary. He takes his own path and fights his way through the thicket until he reaches his goal. Scorpio is associated with the element of water and the colors blue-green and red.

Scorpio Birthstone:

Birthstone for Sagittarius

Sagittarians who love to travel have a high urge for freedom and like to dream. They strive for high ideals and are characterized by their enthusiasm. With joy they let their spirit wander into the distance. Sagittarius is associated with the element of fire and the color light blue.

Sagittarius Birthstones:

Birthstone for Capricorn

The Capricorn has tireless discipline and persistently works towards his goals, he walks through life in a straightforward and down-to-earth manner and is loyal to others. Capricorn is a realist who builds his dreams on a solid foundation. The element earth and the colors violet, black, red and transparent are assigned to Capricorn.

Capricorn Birthstones:

Birthstone for Aquarius

Aquarius is considered the most creative of the zodiac signs. With his wealth of ideas and his sense of cooperation, he becomes an extraordinary personality in society. Aquarius is associated with the element of air and the colors light light blue, dark blue-green and red.

Aquarius Birthstones:

Birthstone for Pisces

Those born under the sign of Pisces are considered to be particularly compassionate, they have a sensitive side that gives them spiritual depth. They are characterized by their devotion to the people and the tasks that have been entrusted to them. Pisces is associated with the element of water and the colors rose and purple.

Pisces Birthstones:

Birthstones for each month

Individual gemstones are not only assigned to the zodiac signs, traditionally different stones are also assigned to the twelve months of the year. The monthly stones are said to have a harmonizing effect on the energies, to balance and create a balance in order to keep the energy flow even. For this purpose, these stones can either be worn by people who were born in this month, or they come into play as a monthly changing talisman for the energies of the respective period of the year.

Our list of stones of the month

Depending on tradition, different stones are assigned to the different months. The first list of the stones of the month was created by American jewelers in 1912 - it is still valid today. Supplements have been added over time, for example based on local traditions, so there may be small differences in the designs. Other gemstones were listed later because some minerals were discovered after jewelers created the birthstone list. We have put together a list to give you a starting point, showing the most important birthstones of the months:

  • Stone of the month for January

    The red garnet is assigned to January as the stone of the month. The coveted gemstone is popularly believed to be a symbol of passion. There is a strong life force hidden in it. At the beginning of the year, its energies should awaken the spirits, give courage for the new year and bring luck. As a symbol of life, it marks the powerful beginning of the new year. Another stone of the month: rose quartz .

  • Stone of the month for February

    The violet amethyst is considered the stone of the month for February. The beautiful stone is said to have spiritual powers and is particularly popular as a companion for meditation. With his energies he should clear the mind and thoughts. In February, he accompanies you to formulate and visualize your own goals and wishes for the new year. Another stone of the month: Onyx .

  • Stone of the month for March

    Aquamarine is assigned to March as the stone of the month. The light-blue stone is considered a lucky stone for travelers - also for journeys into one's own soul life, to let go of past burdens - and to welcome the beginning of spring in one's own life with new energies. In addition, he should awaken trust and friendship through his energies and enable a relaxed look into the future. Another stone of the month: Jasper .

  • Stone of the month for April

    The rock crystal is assigned to April as the stone of the month. In traditional stone science, the transparent stone is considered the stone of the masters, with the power of which the existing positive energies are supposed to be strengthened. It is a symbol of clarity and inner peace. The rock crystal serves as a companion to inner growth, just as April is considered the month of outer growth with the sprouting of new buds. Another stone of the month: Diamond .

  • Stone of the month for May

    The green emerald is considered the stone of the month of May and goes hand in hand with its meaning as a merry month. The emerald stands for harmony and hope, it is a symbol of further development and should support justice. With its lush greenery and fragrant lilac bushes, May also gives hope for a new, wonderful year. Another stone of the month: chrysoprase.

  • Stone of the month for June

    The moonstone is assigned to June as the stone of the month. According to tradition, this should awaken intuition with its energies and strengthen love. It gives balance and cheerfulness, strengthens vitality and directs thoughts away from worries towards positive thoughts. In June, the sun gains strength and supports the effect of the moonstone on well-being and happiness. Another stone of the month: Pearl .

  • Stone of the month for July

    As a stone of the month, the ruby ​​is assigned to July. Traditionally, the red stone is considered a symbol of love, passion and sexuality. It should awaken vitality and devotion, make it possible to realize wishes and fill longings with life. Warm summer days and the life-giving effect of the ruby ​​let life unfold all its power. Another stone of the month: aventurine .

  • Stone of the month for August

    The green peridot is assigned to August as the stone of the month. According to popular belief, it helps to recognize and accept one's own weaknesses and mistakes and to transform them into positive energies. In addition, it accompanies a benevolent self-image and supports mental balance. Nature is in all its glory, just like the viewer - the peridot is a reminder of this inner beauty. Another stone of the month: agate .

  • Stone of the month for September

    The blue sapphire is assigned to September as the stone of the month. This extraordinary stone is considered in folk medicine to strengthen the nerves and is used to calm the mind. With his energies he should also strengthen the willpower. It is considered a talisman on the way to making one's own wishes and goals come true and to standing up for one's own longings. The end of summer invites you to take a look inside and to calm down after the busy past few months. Another stone of the month: Carnelian .

  • Stone of the month for October

    As a stone of the month, the opal is assigned to October. Month and stone combine their extravagant play of colors, because October offers unique autumn colors and the opal a glittering play of colors. The opal is said to bring good luck. It is considered a symbol of self-acceptance and is said to be able to strengthen satisfaction with its energies. Another stone of the month: tourmaline .

  • Stone of the month for November

    The citrine is assigned to November as a stone of the month. It is said to have a mood-enhancing effect, with which it awakens joie de vivre and provides cheerfulness in the dark, gray days of November. In addition, it should support you in processing the experiences of the past year and integrating them into your personality. Another stone of the month: Topaz .

  • Stone of the month for December

    Turquoise is assigned to December as the stone of the month. Turquoise is traditionally considered a stone of recovery and is said to help to find new strength. It is said to have a balancing effect on the soul and the ability to awaken life force. Furthermore, it is considered a particularly strong protective stone that stretches its powers into the new year. Another stone of the month: zircon.


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