Chakra fabric bracelet

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  • Black fabric bracelet with agate beads
  • Agates in different shades
  • Each shade for a main chakra
  • Fabric bracelet individually adjustable
  • To unify all 7 main chakras

Product details and description:

Exclusive fabric bracelet in black to unite all seven main chakras. This talisman with an adjustable clasp was lovingly handcrafted. This means that it fits perfectly even on the most delicate wrist and does not come loose even under the most difficult conditions. The black fabric bracelet runs through the seven different-colored agate beads and is particularly strongly held in place by the braiding on the side. The seven agate pearls are each assigned to a main chakra.
In Indian chakra teachings, the human body is also referred to as the energy body. The seven main chakras serve as energy nodes. These centers are also referred to as energetic wheels in Indian Sanskrit. They supply the energy channels with energetic power - prana. The subtle energies are transported throughout the body and provide the body with power and information.

Each chakra is assigned a specific color in energy work. These correspond to the vibration frequency of the gemstone and the respective chakra. The "Unification" chakra bracelet shows all the colors of the individual chakras, which enables the activation of all seven main energy centers. The handcrafted piece of jewelry unfolds its energetic effect with prolonged skin contact and is also ideal as a popular everyday accessory.

Product details:
  • Weight: about 8g
  • Gemstone/Mineral: Agate
  • other color(s): different colors
  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions: length approx. 18 cm, width approx. 0.8 cm
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