Shungite pyramid (5x5cm)

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They have been keeping their secrets for centuries: the pyramids. Due to their unique and symbolic geometry, they radiate a mystical atmosphere and magical energies to people. The teachings of Feng Shui use these energies, because the pyramid shape is used to energize the living space. There, a new power place of positive energy is created by setting up the Shungite pyramid. Its energetic powers promote one's own acceptance and reduce negative energies and vibrations.

The geometric body of the shungite pyramid was lovingly handcrafted from deep black shungite rock. Its creation dates back two billion years and research now agrees that shungite has a cosmic origin. Its cosmic, energetic power is known to be particularly empowering in the field of esotericism. It is said to neutralize negative energies and direct positive forces into life. In chakra work, its special vibrations are said to help counteract disruptive influences. Fear, stress, overexertion or lack of drive are conditions that deprive the body of energetic energy as well as mental and physical strength. In meditation, the shungite pyramid is used to bring body and soul back into balance. Its stabilizing power conveys calm and peace and also has a positive effect on the state of mind. People should now be able to focus mentally more on positive areas of life. The energy of the pyramid should also help to finally become aware of oneself. As a source of positive power, the energy dispenser should therefore be placed with care, as it is not only suitable as a stylish decorative accessory.

  • Energy pyramid "Security" made of shungite
  • Deep black coloring
  • Reduction of negative vibrations
  • To harmonize the living space
  • Suitable as a stylish decorative accessory
Product details:
  • Weight: about 30g
  • Gemstone/Mineral: Shungite
  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions: length approx. 2.1 cm, width approx. 4 cm, height approx. 4 cm
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