Traumfänger als schützender Glücksbringer
  • What do traditional dream catchers look like?
    • Legend of the dream catcher: meaning of the cult object
    • Symbolic power: pearls and real feathers
    • 3 tasks: Effect of spiritual dream catchers
    • Dream catcher as a special gift for children
  • DIY instructions: making dream catchers for the children's room
    • What you need for your dream catcher
    • Make your own dream catcher in 5 easy steps
    • Where should the dream catcher hang?

The dream catchers can be found in all shapes and colors above resting places such as the bed, in meditation rooms or on the rear view mirror of the car. They are considered special lucky charms and are often chosen as protective talismans. The so-called dreamcatchers are known as a magical and individual decoration and are often used as accessories of the bohemian lifestyle in the interior. However, the spiritual companions with their mysterious protective power have their origin in the magical culture of the North American Indians.


What do traditional dream catchers look like?

Dream catchers are individually designed ritual objects made of different materials. Traditionally, the Native Americans used natural materials, but modern dream catchers can also be made with other materials, such as artificial pearls. What all dream catchers have in common is that they have a frame made of willow branches, for example, in the middle of which threads of sinew are woven like a spider's web. There is an eyelet at the top to position the dream catcher over the sleeping place. A few decorative ribbons usually hang down, for example made of leather or gut cord, to which lucky accessories such as colorful pearls, angel wings, real feathers or shells are attached.

  1. ring as a frame
  2. Net woven in the ring
  3. Hanging, decorated ribbons
  4. Accessories (bought or from nature)
  5. Eyelet to attach

Legend of the dream catcher: meaning of the cult object

In the traditions of the Indians, the circle, which is a basic element of the dream catcher, is a symbol of the cycle of life. In other spiritual views, too, the circle is considered a special sign that represents infinity without beginning and without end. It is also a symbol of family, unity and belonging, which encloses and strengthens. The circle also shows the cycle of day and night, moon and sun in the firmament. The web itself is considered a special feature of the power animal spider, which can absorb negative forces through the web. It is characterized by its filigree appearance, which is full of power to ward off evil. With the hanging threads, each dream catcher can become an individual cult object, because various accessories that have a special meaning for the owner of the dream catcher can be attached here. Perhaps they were found in nature themselves and, in addition to their strength, also give wonderful memories of a beautiful day in the forest or by the sea.

  • cycle of life
  • infinity
  • family
  • Unit
  • belonging

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Symbolic power: pearls and real feathers

The traditional dream catchers are complemented by real feathers. In this way, the power attributed to the respective bird is supposed to be transferred to the sleeping person. For example, owls stand for wisdom, while birds of prey symbolize courage and strength. Furthermore, the feather is considered to represent the vital element of air and is said to guide positive dreams to the sleeping person with its soft wings. The beads in the dream catcher's web symbolize the watchful, protective spider. Pearls on the hanging strings, on the other hand, stand for the good dreams and energies that have been caught.


3 tasks: Effect of spiritual dream catchers

The Indian legends of the Anishinabe say that dream catchers make sleep calmer and more harmonious. Negative thoughts, stressful worries and nightmares are supposed to be caught in their woven web and dissolved by the sun of the dawning morning like dew in a spider's web. According to popular belief, the positive and protective energies, pleasant dreams and inspiring ideas of the night should be guided to the dreaming through the hanging threads.

  1. For peaceful sleep
  2. Against negative thoughts and dreams
  3. For protective energies, strengthening dreams and inspiration

Dream catcher as a special gift for children

In the tales of the Indians there is said to have been the spider woman Asibikaashi, who is said to have watched over all people and especially children from the beginning. When the Indians split up into several tribes that moved further and further in different directions, the spider woman could no longer stretch her protective web over all of them over the distance. According to the legend, she therefore decided to teach mothers to weave dream catchers with magical webs to protect the little ones from night fears and nightmares. Thus, the dream catcher became a traditional protective gift from mothers to their children. The natural materials from which traditional dream catchers are made fade away over time and are a reminder of the passing of childhood and adolescence.

  • Spider woman protects all people
  • Mothers weave for their children
  • Magic protective nets
  • memory of impermanence

DIY instructions: making dream catchers for the children's room

Children who sleep badly or are repeatedly plagued by nightly fears can find a protective and comforting companion at night with a home-made dream catcher. Individual dream catchers, which should work for a peaceful sleep and against bad dreams, can be easily made yourself. Together with the children, personal dream catchers can be designed with this extraordinary DIY project.


What you need for your dream catcher:

Together with your handicraft children, choose a color theme and a combination of materials that you like.

  • Ring: Choose a ready-made wooden ring with a diameter of at least 15 cm. You can buy this in a craft store.
  • Solid twine: About four meters of twine, jute ribbon or another solid, thicker twine are ideal. You can opt for natural colors or choose colorful threads.
  • Craft Glue: Glue for the materials you plan to use.
  • memory of impermanence
  • Decoration: Pearls, stones, pendants, real feathers, acorns or leaves - there are no limits to your imagination. You can either buy something at the craft store, especially if you want colored feathers for example, but you can also use what you can find in your garden or on a walk.
  • Special cords made of leather, satin or fabric: You can use special soft cords for wrapping the frame and the hanging accessories of the dream catcher, but the regular cord from which you weave the web works just as well.
  • Wool sewing needle: A wool sewing needle makes your work easier, but it is not absolutely necessary.
  • Watercolors optional: If you want to add color to your dream catcher, you can do this with watercolors.

Make your own dream catcher in 5 easy steps

You can design your own dream catcher quickly and easily. Put all the materials and a pair of scissors within reach.

  1. wrap ring

    Wrap a piece of string, either satin, leather, fabric, or just jute ribbon, tightly together around your frame. Your goal is that the wooden ring under the string is no longer visible. Glue the beginning and end with craft glue to hold the ribbon in place. If you're working with jute ribbon, you can paint the twine with watercolors at this point, or you can leave it its natural color.

  2. Net weaving: first round

    Tie your string around the hoop and tie a knot. To keep it in place, you can attach it to the ring with some craft glue. Now you can use your wool sewing needle or you can thread by hand. Your task is to make about 10 evenly sized loops (depending on the size of your dream catcher) around the wooden ring:

    • Place the thread over the ring
    • Wrap the thread around the ring
    • Thread back between thread and ring
    • pull tight
    • Next loop of equal size to the previous one
    • Once you've woven around your ring, connect the last loop to the first loop by pulling the thread through the first loop from behind, just below your starting point.
  3. Web weaving to the center

    In principle, the second round of the net works the same as the first round, except that you now put the thread directly around the middle of the loops of your first round of thread instead of around the wooden hoop. You end up here the same as you did in the first round and continue the threading work in the next rounds. If you want, you can already work in accessories such as beads or stones by guiding them onto the thread and then continuing to weave.

  4. network center

    When you get to the center of your net, you close the last round like every round by weaving the last loop of this round with the first loop of the last round. Now cut the thread and tie a knot that you can fix with craft glue - you did it!

  5. Ribbons, beads, real feathers and angel wings

    Attach an eyelet to one side of your dream catcher with a beautiful ribbon to hang it up and on the opposite side you can let your imagination run wild: Here you can attach colorful or natural colored ribbons on which you can thread beads, feathers or other decorative accessories.


Where should the dream catcher hang?

Attach your custom dream catcher to a place where you wish for rest and relaxation, to be flooded with positive energies and where you wish to find inspirational thoughts. Traditionally, the dream catcher is hung above the bed, but it can also make a beautiful addition to a relaxation room. Dream catchers are suitable as a gift for adults and children and can then be attached to the rear view mirror of the car in smaller versions as a lucky charm, remind of time out over a desk or find their place in a meditation area - here they create a positive atmosphere and offer meditation and relaxation for the eyes and mind a calming focus point.

  • bedroom
  • resting place
  • car rearview mirror
  • meditation area
  • office


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