Topaz Properties:

  • Colour: Blue and other colors possible
  • Chakra : Throat Chakra
  • Aquarius

Since ancient times, blue topaz has been coveted around the world. Its radiant color and hardness make it a coveted gemstone in many places . However, the origin of the name is unclear: while some scientists believe that the name derives from one of its localities, the island of Topazos in the Red Sea, other theories look for the origins of the name in the old Indian Sanskrit word "tapas" for "light". In Roman and Greek mythology, the blue gemstone is actually mentioned as a companion to Apollo, the god of light. The precious topaz is considered one of the nine sacred stones by the Hindus.

Topaz meaning:

The topaz can appear in different color nuances, but is particularly popular in the rare blue variant. Well-known specimens of this mineral, such as the square-cut Brazilian Princess, which weighs over four kilos, are exhibited in collections and museums around the world. Many legends surround the wonderful stone and it is also mentioned in the Bible, because it is said to have been found in the protective shield of Moses' older brother Aaron and to have protected him from danger. Furthermore, the topaz is said to be one of the twelve foundation stones in the legendary city wall of Jerusalem. In popular belief, the topaz symbolizes self-realization. It should help to recognize the inner truth and give expression to the soul, and it should also bring happiness and contentment.

Topaz: Traditional Use and Meaning:

In the Middle Ages, topaz was particularly popular in Germany and is even mentioned in the writings of the scholar Hildegard von Bingen. She assumed that the beautiful stone could improve eyesight. Furthermore, he was increasingly used in the jewellery, wealthy gentlemen. But long before the Middle Ages, in ancient times, the stone was considered a healing stone in Africa and was also used to communicate with the afterlife. For the Egyptians, the blue gemstone represented the sun god Ra. In crystal healing, topaz is used as a lucky charm, which is said to help form friendships. By wearing the stone regularly, the mood can lift and the emotional life can be brought into balance. Since the blue gemstone opens your eyes to the little beauties of the day and promotes concentration, it can awaken creativity and is increasingly used as a protective companion when travelling.

  • Friendship
  • balance
  • Protection stone when travelling

Topaz: Color and Transparency:

Topaz can vary in color from orange-red to pink, but the blue variant of the stone is the most well-known. This occurs very rarely in nature, which makes the so-called noble topaz particularly popular, but also leads to a large number of counterfeits.

Topaz: Purify, Discharge and Recharge:

At intervals of two weeks, the topaz is rinsed under running water at a lukewarm temperature and discharged. Rock crystal is suitable for charging.

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