Tibetische Räucherstäbchen

Tibetan incense sticks: for the well-being of body and mind and for the spiritual purification of home and environment

Incense has always played a central role in Tibetan culture. It finds everyday use as an offering to the deities, to purify the environment, and to aid in relaxation and meditation. Even today it is made exactly according to the old recipes of Tibetan Lama healers.

The traditional Tibetan healing system is based on holistic methods of healing the body and mind, relying solely on natural remedies and the power of prayer.

Tibetan incense sticks differ from other incense products from the Orient. Only Japanese incense sticks have some similarities (e.g. no wood core) but usually have very different ingredients. Tibetan incense sticks are not made from a mixture of essential oils, but from precious woods mixed with other natural ingredients from the Himalayan region.

Traditionally, all Tibetan incense sticks are made entirely by hand.

Relaxation for body and mind, a method of inner and worldly peace.

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