Sunstone Properties:

  • Colour: Iridescent reddish brown
  • Chakra: Root and Solar Plexus Chakra
  • Zodiac: All zodiac signs

Sunstone meaning:

The sun stone attracts attention with its warm reddish-brown color, which iridescent due to iridescent inclusions when exposed to light. This magical mixed crystal is a variety of oligoclase that is used as a coveted gemstone. The ancient Greeks assigned it as a protective stone to the sun god Helios, who was able to find the path of the sun every day through the crystal. In popular belief, the sun stone is not only a symbol of the sun, but also a symbol of the heart and optimism because of its warm, glittering colour. It is traditionally used to strengthen the mind with positive energies and to awaken an enthusiasm that accepts life with its hurdles.

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