Shungite properties:

  • Colour: jet black
  • Chakra: root chakra
  • Zodiac: All zodiac signs

Shungite meaning:

Shungite is a deep black rock that was formed from seaweed as early as the Earth's early days and can also have other color nuances due to its variable composition. The stone was first found in the Shunga region of north-western Russia, which is how it got its name. In popular belief, shungite is used with its original powers to dissolve negative energies, such as those caused by mobile phone radiation. In esotericism, it is believed that its energies can purify the aura that, according to tradition, surrounds every person and in which negative energies can accumulate. In addition, the extraordinary stone is said to have an invigorating effect, so that it is mainly used as a talisman and for energetic jewelry.

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