Opal properties:

  • Colour: Transparent white with a colorful shimmer
  • Chakra: All chakras
  • Zodiac Sign: Pisces ( Gift Ideas for Pisces )

opal meaning:

The term opal has its roots in the Greek language and can be translated as "precious stone". In ancient times it was sometimes considered more valuable than the diamond. Its popularity is based on its exclusive opalization, which is characterized by a colorful, shimmering play of colors depending on the angle of incidence of the light. The Greek scholar Pliny the Elder already mentioned this shimmering diversity in his notes. In popular belief, it is believed that the opal can fill with inner peace and happiness, it is also said to improve the ability to communicate and accompany self-realization as a talisman.


The opal has been used for decoration since ancient times and was at times even more valuable than diamonds. Opal's unique iridescence has made it one of the most popular gemstones. The opal can be found mainly in Australia, but the gemstone is also found in Zambia, Peru, Austria and the Czech Republic. The special reddish fire opal, on the other hand, is only found in Mexico. Black opals come from New South Wales, Australia, as well as Indonesia and Nevada, USA, among others.

Opal: Traditional Use and Significance:

Opal has traditionally preserved love and hope as a protective stone in ancient Rome. To this day, this meaning is attributed to him in Asia. In the Middle Ages, the precious stone was also supposed to protect blonde girls from dying their coveted hair dark. Spies and thieves also used the opal as a protective stone because, according to legends, it is said to be able to make you invisible. In stone science, the colorful stone is used to lift spirits. However, the opal can also intensify the negative attitude towards life, so that its use should always take place in balance - ultimately a harmonious consonance can be created.

  • Preserve love and hope
  • Lift the mood
  • Enables harmonic consonance

Opal: color and transparency

The Sanskrit word "upala" for "precious stone" gave rise to the Greek term "opallios", which means "to see the color change" and contributed to the name of the gemstone. The base color of the opal is mostly white but can also be red. Black opals from our range, which offer a particularly intense shimmer, are particularly valuable. The stone's interesting play of colour, also known as opalizing, is based on reflections between the individual compressed silica gel spheres that form the opal. Their arrangement is different for each specimen and ensures the individual shimmer of each gemstone.

Opal: Cleanse, discharge and charge

The opal is hydrous and should not come into contact with drying materials. After shipping, and then regularly once a week, the stone should be placed in a bowl of water overnight. The beautiful stone also does not tolerate chemicals and oil - this must be considered when cleaning and direct physical contact. The opal can be discharged under running, lukewarm water; it receives new energy from rock crystal or hematite.


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