Geschenkideen Sternzeichen Krebs

Birthday between June 22nd – July 22nd

Those born under the sign of Cancer are characterized above all by their holistic understanding of human emotions. Even if they sometimes have a crab shell, they are very vulnerable on the inside and are very good at empathizing with others. This empathy also ensures that they get what they want because they know how to deal with others. Overall, the Cancer-born are considered caring and caring for their surroundings. Their emotional way of life makes it difficult for them to act rationally at times and can seem to others like a cage that the domestic Cancers put around their loved ones.

  • Element of the zodiac sign Cancer: Water
  • Gemstones for the zodiac sign Cancer: Rutilated Quartz and Carnelian
  • Colors for the zodiac sign Cancer: Orange and warm yellow
  • Cancer chakra: sacral chakra

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