Edelsteinwasser mit Wassersteinen herstellen

Under the term water stone, various stones and their varieties are listed that are suitable for the production of gemstone water. According to traditional ideas, their spiritual energies should support well-being and accompany regeneration. According to tradition, using it in water should neutralize negative energies and activate positive forces. The gemstone water is often used for spiritual detox and as a companion when losing weight.

Water Stones: Traditional Use and Significance

Traditional knowledge about the energies of gemstones can be found in popular belief. These forces have a specific vibration frequency and are intended to bring body, mind and soul into resonance in order to achieve equilibrium, balance and well-being. Since water is considered an effective carrier of information, it is used to absorb the positive spiritual energies of the gemstones. By drinking the water revitalized in this way, they then enter the body. There they can ensure a free flow of energy, create balance and balance.

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Water stones: Which gemstones are suitable for the production of gemstone water?

The gemstone water is drunk or used externally. In order to use water stones for the production of gemstone water, the recommendations of the dealer should be followed. Not only the composition, but also the further treatment of the stone can vary.

Well-known water stones are for example:

Water stones: Caution - not every stone is suitable for the production of gemstone water!

Traditionally, gemstone water is made by placing the stone in a water-filled carafe. Since the precious stones have direct contact with the drinking water, only stones that are suitable for this application may be used. Some gemstones contain naturally occurring toxic substances that can dissolve into water. In addition, they are sometimes treated with chemical agents to achieve certain effects that can also be harmful when dissolved in water. Some specimens can also splinter and pose a hazard. Synthetic stones, on the other hand, are ineffective.

For these reasons, only stones that are explicitly intended for this purpose should be used for the production of gemstone water.

If you are unsure, you can also place the stones in the immediate vicinity of the water carafe and plan a little more time so that the energies can activate the water. Browse through our range of gemstones and buy cheap from us.

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