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what are angels

The angels are spirit beings created by God. The word angel is derived from the Latin word angelus, which can be translated as "messenger". You will find the messengers of God in many major world religions, such as Judaism, Christianity or Islam. They help God and stand by him. Each angel has its own story and special characteristics. You can ask the energies generated from these skills to come into your life when you need them. With the help of angels, God has the opportunity to show you his presence and his closeness.

  • spirit beings
  • created by God
  • messengers of God
  • Each angel has individual tasks

What do angels look like?

The helpers sent by God are to be understood as pure forms of energy. They have no actual physical form, but can shape their energies to appear as if they were a tangible phenomenon.


3 things you recognize angels by

Generally, in art and iconography, angels are depicted with feathered wings resembling the wings of birds. The angels with two wings are well known, but many messengers of God also have several pairs of wings - for example the representatives from the order of the Seraphim. Halo, as a ring-like light above the heads of the angels, is also a well-known motif. Furthermore, the helpers of God are often assigned specific rays of light in different color nuances.

  1. wing
  2. gloriole
  3. rays of light

Angel Appearance: Appearance and Gender

The angels are usually represented in the iconography with various objects such as swords, a certain appearance or a special robe. These attributes usually correspond to their skills and tasks. Often the angels are shown in male form, but they can also be female - gender does not matter.

  • objects
  • Certain Appearance
  • special robe

where do you find angels

Some people can feel the presence of angels. They describe the pleasant feeling of a warm closeness. Sometimes the messengers of God also appear as a ray of light or a reflection that is hardly noticeable. Her closeness is particularly noticeable when you have the feeling that your inner voice is speaking to you and is helping you as an inspiration to do the right thing. Some people also assume that an angel is present when a warm or cool breeze blows past them or when they smell certain scents.

  • The feeling of closeness
  • beam of light
  • reflection
  • intuitions
  • Warm or cool breezes
  • Certain scents

5 steps to contact angels

You can contact angels by becoming aware of their abilities and tasks. Consider your situation and then choose an angel to accompany you. In certain situations you can address the appropriate angel directly and ask for help. Use his name and actively invite him into your life. This way you can benefit from its energies. By speaking to the angels you open a path that connects you more closely with the higher energies. You will be able to do this the faster the more trained your spirituality is.

  1. Become aware of the duties of the angels
  2. Choose an angel to accompany you
  3. Talk to the angel directly
  4. Ask him for help
  5. Benefit from its energies

How to summon angels

In order to call angels into your life, you should first be clear about your own desires, hopes, feelings and ideas. Formulate for yourself your goals and what you are striving for. The clearer, purer and clearer your own energy is, the better you can ask angels into your life. The powers of the angels are always present, with your clear vibrating energy you can more or less connect with the vibrational energy of an angel. The closer you get to your angel, the more your vibration frequencies harmonize.

  • Clarify your situation
  • Formulate goals
  • Activate your pure energy

7 tips to activate the angelic energies

You can use various tools for contact with angels that bring you closer to your angel. An important point is to work on your chakras. With their vibrational energies, these are closely connected to the powers of the angels. Release blockages, deal with disturbances and strive for a harmonious, balanced flow of energies. The gentle light work is just as suitable for this as spiritual living room accessories. You can also rely on the power of the various elements and deal with them in more detail in order to use the right element for your dream angel. You can also rely on the power of gemstones, which are traditionally used for holistic healing. Certain scents and aromas also play an important role not only in chakra teaching, but also for the activation of angelic energies. Here you can choose suitable aromatic oils or incense. In addition to these options, you can contact an experienced medium. You also have the opportunity to learn how to read cards yourself, which can support you in many life issues with the help of angelic energies.

  1. Work gently with your chakras
  2. Use spiritual home accessories
  3. Activate the powers of the elements
  4. Choose gems for angels
  5. Rely on aromatic oils and incense to activate the angelic energies
  6. Consult an experienced medium
  7. Learn how to read cards

The order of the angels

The angels are divided into three orders and three subclasses, making a total of nine angelic choirs. The individual orders take on different tasks for God. Some angels can be found in several classes.

The three orders of angels:

  1. The Heavenly Counselors
  2. The heavenly stewards
  3. The heavenly messengers

1. The Heavenly Counselors

The heavenly counselors are closest to God of all the angels. They are the builders of God and implement his plans. The heavenly advisors are responsible for everything you can find in and about yourself, the world and the entire universe.


The Seraphim help you to find your life plan

The Seraphim are the most important representatives of the heavenly advisors and constantly buzz around God. They are always very close to him and thus ensure that you find and live your individual divine life plan. They are said to have six wings.


The cherubim accompany you with wisdom

The cherubim accompany God and are his servants. They protect the gates of paradise and are considered the guardians of wisdom. Many guardian angels come from this class.


The thrones give you courage

The thrones turn your thoughts into deeds. These companions ensure that an existing energy receives its specific form. For this they activate the power of your heart and your courage and help you to accept things as they are.


2. The heavenly stewards

The celestial administrators play an important role in the manifestation of the higher energies. In this way they fill everything with life and manage God's infinite resources. Through their powers, they can lovingly steer you and your life and lead you into your own responsibility.


The gentlemen help you to find inner peace

Gentlemen teach you to live in the present. It is their task that old burdens remain and a deep reconciliation with the past can take place. In this way, they support you in establishing your inner peace.


The powers make you strong through love

The powers that be are the custodians of human history. They are carried by a deep wisdom and an unconditional love, through which they show you how to emerge stronger from difficult situations.


The forces help you to realize yourself

The forces are considered the protectors of the sky from any sinister attacks. Their job is to show you that your will is free. They help you to realize your wishes, visions and dreams.


3. The heavenly messengers

Of all the angelic classes, the heavenly messengers are closest to humans. They carry the messages and information of God. They are closely linked to your soul and are often the first people you reach with your requests and prayers.


The principalities guide you

The principalities are considered protectors of entire peoples, countries or cities. Their energies also affect your thinking and can guide you on the right path.


The guardian angels offer you care

The guardian angels are responsible for you as an individual. They take care of your soul. Guardian angels can give you comfort, protection and guidance. Sometimes guardian angels have the opportunity to reveal God's instructions and plans to you.


The archangels support your development

The archangels support your spiritual development as they bring the message of God to you as revelation.


What are Archangels?

Archangels occupy a special position among angels. They have a particularly high rank and are considered the closest companions of God, who have been in his service from the beginning. They have never undergone an incarnation unlike other angels. This also means that they have always represented an indivisible wholeness with God. The German term Archangel can be derived from the Greek word ἀρχή, which is translated as beginning and guidance.


What is the role of the archangels?

The archangels implement the concepts of God. For this they guide the other angels and help them to fulfill their tasks. Each Archangel has his own area in which he holds office and uses his energies. You can feel the presence of the archangels when you realize what your task is and what your life plan looks like. They guide the other angels to help you achieve your life purpose and to support you. The Archangels are instrumental in your spiritual development. They guide you to uplift you with their light.

  • Implementation of the concepts of God
  • guidance of the angels
  • Help angels to fulfill their duties
  • Activate your life plan
  • Support your spiritual development

How many archangels are there?

The number of archangels is given differently. Michael is the only archangel mentioned in the Bible. Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel have been counted among the archangels in Christianity since the Middle Ages. In the Kabbalah, the mystical tradition of Judaism, Chamuel, Haniel, Jophiel, Raguel, Sariel, Ramiel and Zadkiel are also listed. In the later Jewish tradition, on the other hand, seven archangels are spoken of. Since the traditions make different statements about the archangels, we present seven selected important archangels below.


The 7 most important Archangels

In our archangel guide you can find out about the seven most important archangels. Here you can find out more about the background of the individual angels and what task they have in your life. You will also learn in which situations the Archangels can help you and how you can activate their energies in your life.



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