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aqasha is an online retailer with a wide range of gemstones, incense, magic amulets, talismans and chakra jewellery. In our shop you will find the right accessories for a wide variety of themes of spirituality, esotericism and magic, browse online through the products of the spiritual life coaches and learn more about the many possible uses of gemstones, magical pendants, incense sticks and crystal pyramids. Under Offers you can order items at reduced prices, also note our daily offer!

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Chakra Schutz Räucher - Set
Thomas Raschke Chakra Schutz Räucher - Set
Regular price109,99 € Sale price79,99 €
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Weihrauch Reinigung - SetWeihrauch Reinigung - Set
Marianna Jermakova Weihrauch Reinigung - Set
Regular price269,45 € Sale price189,99 €
Save 33%
Palo Santo Schutz & Energie - SetPalo Santo Schutz & Energie - Set
Marianna Jermakova Palo Santo Schutz & Energie - Set
Regular price299,43 € Sale price199,99 €

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