We are an online shop for exclusive incense, candles and essential oils. Browse through our extensive range and discover special gemstones, jewelery and everything you need to feel good. In our lovingly selected collections, we offer exquisite objects from well-known and unknown manufacturers. Everything for a positive attitude towards life! You will also find spiritual products that support harmonizing energy work and card reading. We pay particular attention to special scents, but also to accessories that give us strength, protection and happiness. Our offer also includes oracle cards, DVDs, books and sets for further training for those interested in the areas of spirituality and esotericism. As in a colorful and lively bazaar, you can roam through the various sections to find inspiration or to purchase one of the coveted products from our selected manufacturers and partners.

In our esoteric shop we offer:

  • Incense sticks, diffusers and aromatic fragrances
  • Candles for the special occasion but also for every day
  • Essential oils suitable for aromatherapy
  • Exquisite jewelery and energetic accessories
  • Powerful gems
  • Spiritual instruments for gentle light and energy work
  • Holistic articles for a relaxed ambience and comfortable living
  • Everything for card reading from textbooks and CDs to lovingly designed decks
  • Esoteric media for mindful inner contemplation

aqasha: platform for spiritual products

The name aqasha derives from the ancient Indian Sanskrit word akasha, which can be translated as ether. It is considered a description of the expanse of heaven in which, according to ancient ideas, both the energy of light and the gods reside. Here lies the reservoir filled with holistic knowledge and existential truth. As a kind of universal diary, the so-called Akashic Record shows all levels of existence from the past to the present to what will be in the future. Events, experiences, memories and emotions are stored there. Just like this chronicle, aqasha, as an esoteric online shop, offers its own platform that offers a collection of the holistic knowledge of the spiritual advisors. In their mindful work with the light and the energies, they use the power of special objects, some of which they have developed themselves or some of which are handmade. We offer these exclusive esoteric products through aqasha.

  • Esoteric online shop aqasha for spiritual products
  • Platform for holistic knowledge
  • Exclusive esoteric products

Individual products from experienced spiritual advisors

For our unique offer we have connected with people who have many years of experience in the field of energetics and light work. These spiritual advisors use the traditional knowledge of millennia-old cultures and have found their very own way of lovingly directing the energies and transforming them into a positive dynamic. In this way we can offer a wide range of different spiritual goods that have been selected with great attention to detail and have a deep, individual meaning far beyond the visible.

  • Spiritual advisors with many years of experience
  • directing energies lovingly
  • Trigger positive momentum
  • Individual esoteric products


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